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Henry Northup was born the son of Thomas Northoppe Jr. in Layston, Hentford County, England on 11-08-1601. Henry was christianed Henry Northop and was married as Henry Northup. He married Susan Sharler on 04-8-1622 in Essex, Kelvedon, England. It is presumed that they had one son, Stephen (b. 1625) in Whaddon, Cambridge County, England. Stephen came to America with Roger Williams, where they co-founded Providence, RI. This is an unproven link.

More About HENRY NORTHUP: Date born 2: Abt. 1601, London, County London, England Christened: 8 November 1601, Leofstans Church (now called Layston Church), London, England
Probate: 1657, Will indicated a grown son (Stephen?) was living some distance away.
Residence: North Hope, Fliushire Falins, Wales
Will: 1655, London, England

Notes from John B. Northup (2 Aug. 1995):
Henry was christened at Leofstans Church. (See picture of Leofstans Church) The original name of the Layston Church (London) was Leofstans Church (although the spelling varied widely) and it was built or rebuilt by the grandfather of the first Lord Mayor of London sometime before 1115. The present building dates from the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries. The roof of the nave has now been removed and the chancel made into a cemetery chapel.

Also known as Susan Charles.
Date born 2: Abt. 1604, near Kelvedon, County Essex, England
Christened: 2 June 1602

i. HENRY NORTHUP, b. Abt. 1622.(Listed by John B. Northup)
ii. THOMAS NORTHUP, b. Abt. 1624.(Listed by John B. Northup)
8. iii. STEPHEN NORTHUP, b. Abt. 1625, Whaddon, Cambridgeshire,
England; d. 1687, North Kingstown (?), Providence, Providence Co., Rhode Island.
iv. SUSAN NORTHUP, b. 14 December 1626, Whaddon, Cambridgeshire, England.
v. CATHERINE NORTHUP, b. 31 July 1636, London, England.
vi. JANE NORTHUP, b. 1 May 1639, London, England.
vii. HENRY NORTHUP, b. 25 May 1641, London, England; d. Abt. 1641, London, England.
viii. HENRY NORTHUP, b. 31 May 1643, London, England; d. Died young.
ix. SUSAN NORTHUP, b. 8 April 1655, London, England.

Henry and Susanna apparently had three sons named Henry, who all died young. Apparently, the son, Stephen was the only male child to reach maturity. Please check back often for updates.

Henry and Susan (Sharler) Northup Family

Children of Henry and Susan Northup

HENRY NORTHUP, b. Abt. 1622
THOMAS NORTHUP, b. Abt. 1624
Stephen Northup Born 09-16-1625; Whaddon, Cambridgeshire M. Elizabeth Harrington 1654 in R.I. died 09-06-1687 N. Kingston, R.I.
SUSAN NORTHUP, b. 14 December 1626
CATHERINE NORTHUP, b. 31 July 1636
JANE NORTHUP b. 1 May 1639
HENRY NORTHUP, b. 25 May 1641 d. Abt. 1641
HENRY NORTHUP, b. 31 May 1643 died young
SUSAN NORTHUP b. 8 April 1655